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Basically...I'm sick of conservative parents.
I guess someone saw the announcement, and called Mrs. Stockton complaining...
"What kind of movies are you watching that you have to have a permission slip??"

Wtf, mate? We had to have a permission slip to watch Mi Familia last year because there was a short sex scene in it... annnd, if I remember correctly, we had to have one for All's Quiet on the Western Front in World History. That was about World War 1 from the German perspective...
There's not even sex in Hedwig. Well, not really. There's not a traditional "sex scene" but you see a naked man covering himself with candy. That's about it. (Even if my memory sucks, I'm pretty sure that's it.
But I'm leaving the movie with Stockton so she can watch it over the weekend and see what she thinks about it. Maybe we can get away with it next week or something. Who knows.
Damn. I hate controlling people. I think that if they require permission slips for this movie because of questionable content (when really it's about how the parents feel about the content) then they should require one for the terrorism movies or even the war videos. I feel really strongly when it comes to those videos, and I know a lot of people who feel about as strongly as I do about them. I mean jeez, I get really worked up about some of these videos. I got really mad when we talked about how some places don't believe that the Holocaust actually happened...someone thought it was funny and I really wanted to punch him. Lame...

Okay...so this turned out to be wayyy longer than I planned... just venting I guess. Oh well..
See you guys later. (In like 10 minutes, but you'll read this after... You knew that though...whatever.)
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